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Project MAX event on 10 Feb 2012

Project MAX event on 13 July 2012

A Solution for Industries to Achieve Partner Synergy for Business Growth


 Business partnership is now a means for companies to gain business opportunities and compete effectively in today’s business environment. A company’s partnership ability to leverage business relationships and scale up rapidly for mutual benefits is often instrumental to business growth. In particular, business opportunities arising from green business ideas or solutions are enormous. 

To enhance business opportunities for the local industries through partner synergy, a programme namely PROJECT MAX has been established. This new programme is co-initiated by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association (HKEIA).


 Improvising from three words,



PROJECT MAX provides a platform on which companies within the supply chain and cross supply chains can meet, match and map out alliance opportunities for business excellence and growth.
Having the strong and renowned industry network from both founding organisations, i.e. HKPC and HKEIA, the PROJECT MAX will be able to draw the focus of a wide spectrum of companies and provide a business platform for them in achieving partner synergy.


Under  PROJECT MAX, theme-specific Industry Forums will be arranged. Industries stakeholders will be invited to the event to share their views and experiences associated with the topics. In addition, participants from various industry sectors will be able to carry out business matching during the Industry Forum.

All Industry Forums will feature hot topics to the industries. All Industry Forums will be carried out through an existing industry platform, namely the Green Manufacturing Network (GMN). Established by HKPC since 2005, the GMN has already served as an interactive platform for Hong Kong industries in creating business opportunities associated with green manufacturing.


In each Industry Forum, our GMN Advisors or industry representatives will act as facilitators to provide guidance for participants during discussion.

The discussion will focus on how industries can make use of their capabilities in reaching various market trends and needs to create or expand their business horizons. In addition, industries with different perspectives of expertise can also give their views to address the theme topics.

It is expected that during the Industry Forum participants will be able to collect different opinions from industries so that they can widen their business view on specific topics.

More importantly, during the Industry Forum participants will be able to learn more about the strengths and expertise of others. Therefore, where appropriate they can gather among themselves together and discuss any possible business collaboration in the Industry Forum.

A summary of each Industry Forum will be published on the GMN website for industry reference.



 For enquiry about PROJECT MAX, please contact Ms. Teresa Chan of HKPC (2788 6369) or Ms. Trace Chan of HKEIA (2778 8328).

All information provided in Project MAX materials and activities is believed to be true and accurate. However, there are no warranties or guarantees provided by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) or its Green Manufacturing Network (GMN). HKPC does not accept any responsibility whatsoever in respect due to such Information.

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendation expressed by Project MAX materials and activities do not reflect the views of HKPC or GMN. HKPC or GMN shall not be held liable for any indirect, special, punitive, consequential or other damages (including without limitation lost profits) of any kind in connection with Project MAX materials and activities.





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